European State Aid Law Association

The Forum of State aid lawyers and scholars across Europe

The purpose

The purpose of European State Aid Law Association ESALA is to form a forum of leading practitioners in state aid law from law firms across the European Union, as well as scholars specializing in state aid law, in order to develop and improve state aid law continually, by discussing state aid law issues between them and with senior staff of the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA), and other institutions were applicable.

This will be done in (on line) discussions with senior staff of the Commission and/or the ESA under the Chatham House rule, by submissions of the ESALA to internet consultations, by unsolicited submissions concerning state aid issues and by an annual plenary meeting for which ESALA will invite Commission and ESA staff as well.


Membership is open to lawyers currently associated with a law firm or scholars associated with an academic institute with demonstrable experience in State aid law, typically evidenced by at least 10 years experience whether in private practice, academia, the European Commission or ESA, through the extensive involvement in advice on state aid issues, involvement in multiple notification or investigation procedures with the European Commission or the ESA and/or as a legal representative in court procedures before national and/or EU courts and publications.


Membership is free.
Costs of meetings etc. will be borne by the participants to that meeting.


The ESALA Committee will communicate with the members by e-mail and through ESALA’s website and Linkedin-page.
All members will be mentioned on the ESALA’s website and Linkedin-page, unless they object to being mentioned.